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Welcome to Black Rose

More than Just A Marketing Agency

At Black Rose we believe in the power of ideas. Our comprehensive Marketing Agency is based in Fort Lauderdale Fl, but we work with clients near and far in order to help them transform the way they do business. Every great client alliance starts with a strategy. When we partner with clients for full-service creative solutions, we devise a plan of attack to capture audience attention and ensure long-term success.

Who Are We?

More than business, we're family.

Established in 2018, Olivia Easter felt compelled to share her love and passion for visual art. Black Rose has helped create visual elements and social media management, in addition to multiple small business brands. All these accomplished through Olivia’s visions. Deciding to kick it up a notch, Olivia has begun her journey through marketing and advertising. 

“With Black Rose I have helped multiple small businesses accomplish many goals as well as gaining a genuine connection with their patrons. Seeing the growth of my clients with their dreams and aspirations makes me genuinely happy for their future as well as mine, we as a company are here to grow with you” -Olivia Rose Easter

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